First day in heaven.

Just survived the first day in New York. Going through a lot of shopping, people, high buildings and such. And I'm never going to leave! I still have a lot of stuff in front like Starbucks, Central Park and things like that. But still it's not like the New York you see in Sex and the City for example. Nor The City. Or The Hills. Have you thought about how weird that name acutely is?
THE HILLS. What do you think about? Teletubbies? Close enough.

Now I'm heading for breakfast, colored cereals and muffins!

Oh, I love New York!!

2 kommentarer:

Rebecca sa...

Fist day in Heaven?So right!I miss NY!!!!!
I think 'The Hills' is pretty good, i mean the hills as in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, they have hills there ;D

Ray sa...

Whatever! Daaah!