The monster in my head.

t-shirt from gap, purse from marc jacobs, skirt from weekday and thigts from twilfit.
Saks is so totally the best shopping place in the whole world, it's quite expensive sometimes but that doesn't matter! And that they take nine dollar for just plain cold water, but still. AND. PURSES, BAGS, OUTLET. Yes, there was an sale on handbags. AND, I found the nicest and cutest little purse in the world! From Marc Jacobs, and I'm actually really proud. But still I am not going to jump around holding my bag screaming "I'VE GOT MARC JACOBS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!"

2 kommentarer:

joanna sa...

gjort. :)<3

Rebecca sa...

god i LOVE this!!specially the last picture ;D
no way how much was it?? absolutely LOVE marc jacobs, have u noticed that most of his things r x-small? how lucky!!