morning routines

As I've been back in school for a rough month now and also been late literally every morning I figured, as searching for the things that should be in my bag but are lost in the deep, dark corners of a mountain containing dismissed clothes from an earlier I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR-crisis is one of the main factors for me rushing through empty corridors as the clock strikes 08:02, it would be good with a routine. So, I emptied my bag on my bed and thought; necessities (and yes, perfume counts as that) .

The outcome was my current read Bonjour Triestesse, Burts Bees Lip Balm, an Aqua Di Gioa Eau du Fresh perfume sample, pink Rock Stars I Met And Liked-note book, Apple earphones, iPhone and case.

Wether not needing to pack my bag every morning will help me minimize the utter awkwardness of yet another parent-teacher conference talking about how I really am in need of a watch, is yet to find out.

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